Dec 9, 2010

Recommended Software

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade it is the ultimate software windows for your computer, its make everything you do more easy and a faster  to load aplication  and have favorite TV show to watch for free.

WinCleaner One-Click (Up to 3 Users) cheap and work effectively. Computers always need it to keep your running smoothly and more fast. That trash file started to accumulate in your sys making computer running slow. It is good to clean you computer weekly depending how much u navegate on internet.

Norton 360 Version 4.0 1 User/3 PC [Download] never go on internet without protection. Your computer can break down if catch a virus. A fatal virus in your system can make your expensive computer worst nothing in just few second. There some faster virus that scrach you windows in second  and make it run very slow.

Oct 24, 2010

Love Draw Comics

Maybe you are dreaming to make your own drawing desing like comics book does it.
One of the best software is Manga.

Here is a video about drawing Manga with your own hand but see different or
easy when you just use software on your computer to make this kind of cartoons, let said.

CorelDraw grafics is also one excelent program
but went we all talk about saving some money we always look for something good and cheaper.

Art is like magic on your hands

Make a creation for some are very easy, but for other hard. All depending the ability you have in your hands.
Here is a selection of supplies that can help you drawing or painting a project.

Drawing always is fun.

Free Art Lessons: Video instruction on drawing, face painting at -

Free Art Lessons: Video instruction on drawing, face painting at -

Oct 18, 2010

Origen of Iron Man

Iron man was heard first time on (1963) in a comic books by Stan leen and the drawing was done by Don Heck and Jack Kirbyn did the cover who design the firt frame of character. There are several version of Iron man the superheroe of Mavel Universe named Tony Stark. Iron represent the man and the machines, and in some way the american dream. The fictional biografy described Tony Stark was born in Long Island, NY who inherited Stark industries at 21 age, after his parent were killed in an car accident. There many version about the origin of the heroe comic-books had his original version and when Iron man passed to cartoon television they modified the version. He appeared in the cartoon series Marvel Super Heroes. When the leyend was adopted by cinematografy the version was changed of his origin once again.  In the cartoon Iron man was captured by a leader of supervillians named Mandarin and not by General Whong Chu. 

Learn more watching or reading

Comic Books

Sep 22, 2010

Bye Bye Summer see you next year

 Summer is living and camp will be until next summer.  Autumn is here and Halloween next to door. Cold weather  is began to feel and everyone love to keep home warm. There are many thing you can do keep your home nice and warm. Also you need to save some money, last winter something strange happen in my gas bill the gas came double that I used on each winter. I called the gas company they sent a repair guy that let me know my boiler need to be repair was trowing carbonize something that is very danger for your health.
Tips to save and keep warm:
So, give maintenance your boiler system and keep it clean this will save you some money in your pocket.
A digital thermostat help you reduce your heating while you are sleeping or out of home  and reduce your heating bill at least 10 percent.
Keep your air conduct of dust so air can flow better, Inspect your home leaks feel cool air coming from window, corners and door and seal all cracks.

Here some link for Digital thermostat

Something we need an extra heater

My wife love watch TV and feel a warm blanket

Jun 6, 2010

Necessary camping tools

My day to go camping is getting close. I bought my tent house, my air mattress, my lantern and other necessary stuff. Looking at the way weather condition. This month of June has a lot of thunder storms.  
In one of my camping experience I rented a camp site away from shower, i have to walk a lot to take a shower and a water line was not closed to me, so wash dishes was hard. I went to the store a get Coleman PVC Double Wash Basin, yeah, my life turned more easy. So, when i travel I need always drink my cup of coffee, It was easy prepare my coffee on a Coleman 9-Cup Aluminum Coffee Pot. If you go to camping first time and do not take the necessary stuff you will be turn desperate to go back home. Think all the facilities you have at home, my air mattress got a flat while i was sleeping, soon i felt touching the floor. Then, i realized that i do not choose the right one, it important know how many weight the mattress can support, if you are not going to share mattress with any body Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed support at least 300lbs. The air mattress tendered to lose air while you are moving broken or not that is one of a reason you need an extra mattress lbs. 
When I travel to camp the group always is huge about six family gather to go and all we depending of electric pump waiting to each one inflate their mattress. It is good you take your own Coleman 120V Electric Quick Pump and much better when is rechargeable Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump. The universal pump adapted to any electrical device Coleman 4D Universal Quick Pump.
Don't forget your kids blanket Boys' Spider-Man Slumber Bag - Blue (30 x 54) Always before sleep check for insect or any kind of animal is inside. Go for 2 night camping can cost to you some money, your meat and Juice need to be cool Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler (Blue) is easy to carry because has two wheels. 

Here are 2 best cooler: They are big and you can pack a lot stuff.

I get two lanterns like this and i have not problem my 2 night camping.


The 4D it is also good are durable my sister-in-law has one and she do not changed the battery for while. I thought that need pile soon but after camping she used at home many times more.

Vampire Movies DV

People love Twilight Saga I just call a different one.
vampire and wolf never are good, they used to attack
their victims without compassion.

Do you remember Buffy the vampire slayer
her love Angel turned at the end evil.

May 28, 2010

3 Things that Help Make Your Tent Warm During Camping

Things that help generate heat at nights during camping include: the campfire, the propane camping heater, and the electric camping heater.
When camping, we always want it to be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. When outdoors, it might get chilly and inconvenient so you must bring with you objects that make you warm and comfortable. We suggest the following:


Aside from aiding in cooking your meals. Campfires are always an inexpensive method of generating heat. The traditional campfire is always part of the joys of camping. You can enjoy a conversation, or gaze at the stars while enjoying the warmth given by the campfire. But always remember that campfires can be dangerous if not properly attended. Make sure in making a campfire, it must be at a safe distance from the tent or any other flammable objects and have a fire extinguishing item ready.
Propane camping heaters
This heater generating device is powered by propane. The best advantage is that it is very portable, you don't have to worry about looking for an electric outlet or carrying it with you on your trips. Most models have fan-like features that directs heat where you want it. Some newer models emit heat without any flame. Portable propane heaters make an efficient alternative to wood for heating anywhere outdoors. These heaters can easily be shut off whenever it's not needed and heat would dissipate instantaneously, unlike in the electric heater where you would have to wait for at least 15 minutes for the heat to subside. One minor disadvantages is that you would have to replenish the gas supply every now and then. While these heaters are safe, proper installation must be followed to avoid any gas leaks. Also these heaters need adequate ventilation.

Electric camping heaters

If your campsite has an access to electricity, you may opt to bring with you your electric camping heater. Classic versions of electric heater may seem hazardous, you could burn your tent or can be electrocuted. However newer versions are now cost-efficient, energy saving, and comes with safety knobs. Other features include an overheat protection device, an temperature control knob, and a temperature sensor. These kind of heaters increases it's resistance to electricity because of it's ceramic parts. Most models have holes that serves as vents to help expel heat. This kind of heater is much more speedy in generating heat than the propane gas heater and emits no gas so you don't have to worry about the irritating odors brought about by gaseous residues and it's environment friendly. Electric camping heaters are considered safe and efficient, but a little more costly than the other two heat generators.
For a more pleasurable camping experience, it's good have something that is safe and practical. Choose which heat generating device suits you and make your camping experience a memorable one.